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Travis and Evan have served as honorary or keynote speakers at dozens of functions across New Jersey, speaking on diverse topics ranging from health and wellness to anti-bullying. Some of their recent appearances include:

⧭ New Jersey’s annual “Heart Walk,” sponsored by the American Heart Association
⧭ Junior Police Academies
⧭ High School career days
⧭ Elementary, middle and high school assemblies
⧭ Corporate in-services
⧭ Youth sport camps
⧭ High school and college sports teams
⧭ Community events

For booking purposes, Travis and Evan are available for speaking engagements on the following topic areas:


⧭ General fitness, health and wellness
⧭ Sport performance
⧭ Injury prevention
⧭ Trainer training
⧭ Anti-bullying
⧭ Positive mind, positive body
⧭ Small business start-ups
⧭ Career Day

Our SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS operates out of the comfort of your office, school, venue, or sports field.

To schedule a SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT, please contact [email protected] We’re open to all ages!

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To fuse fun and fitness. Fitness can be more than a means to an end. Our task is to draw out the enjoyment in physical training. Team S.A.M.P.L.E. understands the desire to change your body, but we hope you don’t only appreciate the finished hardware. Above all, relish the changing itself.


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